What level of support can I expect from your support staff for my VPS?

This is a very important question and ties in closely with how we keep prices low for our VPS products.

Our VPS products are considered "unmanaged." This is a general industry term that draws the line between what is our responsibility and what is your responsibility.

With respect to our VPS services, the following is our responsibility and what we commit to providing you as a VPS customer:

  • Management of our infrastucture; including network, power, security, hardware, and VM hosts
  • Initial provisioning of VPS accounts (using our default templates)
  • Re-provisioning your VPS with a different OS
  • Complete reset of your VPS back to the original settings (erases all data)
  • Provisioning additional IPs
  • Reverse DNS management and delegation
  • VPS monitoring
  • Providing out-of-band management capabilities for your VPS
  • Changing the media (.iso) that appears in your VPS' CD-ROM/DVD drive (if custom ISO)

Items not included above are considered your responsibility and include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Managing a UNIX-based operating system

    • Installing applications
    • Upgrades
    • Security patches
  • Working within single-user mode (repairs) using out-of-band management tools

    • Resetting passwords
    • Fixing network settings
    • Fixing broken user accounts
  • Reboots

  • Custom partitioning

  • Backups

If you are uncomfortable being responsible for any of the above items, you will not be happy with our VPS services and should seek a provider that will help you with such items.