How do I access my ARP Metal dedicated server console?


You can access your ARP Metal™ dedicated server console over IPMI, as well as insert any CD-ROM ISO into the CD-ROM drive using IPMI's Virtual Media feature. The list of ISOs in our library can be found here. We are frequently adding new ISOs, so if you don't see what you need, please let us know.

All our ARP Metal™ dedicated servers feature IPMI, which affords the following features:

  • Console access
  • Health monitoring

    Sensors for temperature, voltage, chassis intrusion, and more

  • Power control

    • Power on
    • Power off
    • Power cycle
    • Reset
  • Virtual Media

    Mount a CD-ROM ISO

Console Access

Due to the sensitive nature of the information and control that IPMI affords, we do not expose IPMI access over the public Internet. Instead, you must first login to our Customer VPN.

When you have our Customer VPN all set up, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Portal, click on your "ARP Metal(tm) Dedicated Server" service

  2. Visit the link labeled IPMI URL

  3. Login with the credentials provided

From there, the plethora of IPMI features will be revealed.

To access your server's console, click Remote Control -> Console Redirection -> Launch Console

Virtual Media

To insert an ISO into the CD-ROM of your server, within the IPMI web-based control panel (see Console Access above), perform the following:

  1. Click Virtual Media -> CD-ROM Image

  2. Fill in the form as follows

  • Share host:

  • Path to image: \iso\<filename>

    Replace <filename> with the ISO filename listed in our ISO Library.

    If you don't see the ISO you need, just email and we'll add it. Please include a URL with which we can wget the ISO (no weird redirects please).

  1. Click Save

    It should report "The image has been upload to BMC."

  2. Click Mount

    The "CD-ROM & ISO Status" setting above the form should change from "No disk emulation set" to "There is a disk mounted"

That's all there is too it. The next time you reboot your server, you may choose this CD-ROM to boot from.