Custom Partitions

Your VPS will come provisioned with a very simple partition layout. There will be one root (/) partition that will consume most of the disk, and one swap partition, that will be approximately equal to double the RAM size.

If you want custom partitions, it is your responsibility to set them up. While you're at it, you can also make any other custom configuration your heart desires!

Here's how to do it:

  • Connect to your VPS console by clicking View Console

    See this link for more details if needed: Out-of-band management

  • Reboot your VPS

  • Focus back to your VPS console screen

  • Select DVD/CD from the Select boot device menu at the "BIOS" screen

    Note: If this menu does not appear, you will need to press "F12" when prompted to open the menu, but all our new VMs will show the menu by default.

  • Proceed to install your OS with any custom configuration and partitions you desire

By default, the install media for the operating system you ordered is left in the CD-ROM of your VPS, and remains there indefinitely. You may performs re-installs this way or use it as a rescue disk.