How do I upgrade (or downgrade) my VPS?

To either upgrade or downgrade your VPS, email with your VPS UUID and desired new resource settings.

The following outlines how the upgrade / downgrade process works with respect to each resource.


RAM size changes require simply a reboot of your VPS, which you can perform at any time convenient for you, after we change the RAM allotment to your VPS.


No VPS changes are required to change your bandwidth quota. We simply change your quota in our billing system.


There are two methods by which we can increase the disk space alotted to your VPS. You may choose whichever method is most convenient.

  • Resize your existing underlying volume

    This will make your disk appear larger but will not resize your filesystem. To resize your filesystem, you are responsible for using resize2fs(8) (Linux) or growfs(8) (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).

    Alternatively, you can create a new partition (Linux) or slice (FreeBSD, OpenBSD) on the new space and mount it wherever is most appropriate to your setup.

  • Attach a second disk

    We can provide additional disk space by attaching a second disk to your VPS. You can mount this second disk wherever is most appropriate to your setup.

The former method is usually preferred by more advanced users and the later method by ones who prefer to keep things simple.


We will generally be able to expand your existing IP block into a larger one, so you do not need to renumber. Once we expand your block, the new IPs will become immediately available, without the need for a reboot. You will, however, need to change the subnet mask of your VPS' interface.