How can you offer such low prices on your VPS products?

Short Answer

We target expert users and have built solid infrastructure.


Both of the above items affect the cost of human resources spent on supporting customers (tickets / issues) and supporting our infrastructure (network, power, hardware, security, etc...).

All providers must factor support costs into their monthly pricing or charge separate per-incident fees. Since a lot of the players in the industry like to attract customers by offering "free" support, they don't charge per-incident fees. As such, this cost is paid for in higher monthly fees.

We like to think "But if you don't need support, why pay for it?"

Expert users tend to know what they want and know what they are doing so they don't tie up our support staff, and our customer-facing support costs rise only minimally as we grow. These savings are reflected in lower monthly fees.

This concept is critical and we publish a detailed delineation between our support responsibility and the customer's responsibility in the following article: What level of support can I expect from your support staff for my VPS?

In addition, there are non-customer-facing support issues that affect cost. This has to do with our infrastructure.

Solid infrastructure means less time spent handling network outages, power problems, failed hardware, security issues, and a variety of other time consuming tasks. We have over 10 years of experience in building solid networks and systems; and have built our current infrastructure to minimize the cost of dealing with issues in this regard. These savings are reflected in lower monthly fees.