Do you provide backup services?

Yes, we have backup storage space available for all VPS and ARP Metal™ dedicated server customers. This is an optional add-on service which starts at only $0.10 USD per GB of space required. Minimum quota is 10 GB ($1).

Our backup services give you the following advantages:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Stored in a RAID-1 array, so a single disk failure will not destroy your backups
  • Direct VLAN connection to the backup server, affording:
    • Lowest possible latency
    • Does not count against your bandwidth quota

How it works

Backup storage space is provided as a chroot'd shell account, on a separate server, with many standard archival and backup tools available, such as the following:

  • rsync
  • scp / sftp
  • tar
  • dd
  • cpio
  • gzip
  • bzip2
  • duplicity
  • rdiff-backup (coming soon)

SSH public key authentication is required to access the server; key(s) can be submitted instantly using our key submission tool in the Portal.

This is an unmanaged service, like most of our services, so you are still responsible for initially setting up and then performing your backups on a regular basis. If you're looking for a managed backup service / solution, see the next section.

Managed backups

We can optionally setup and manage the backup procedure for you, including the following,

  • Backup software setup and configuration (duplicity)
  • cron job creation for backups
  • Monitor backups on storage server (e.g. ensure that the latest 2 full backups are present, with incrementals)
  • Manage rotations

You need to let us have sudo access to your server. If you've preserved our maintenance user, then we're ready to go.

Managed backup services are a flat $10 per month, per server, plus the cost of space required.

Remote backups

If there is enough demand for backup storage space in a separate physical location, not just a separate server, we are willing to accommodate.

The pricing would be higher to cover bandwidth costs; it is estimated to be $0.20 per GB.

If interested, please email and make your voice heard! :)

How to order

Email with your Portal username and how much space, in GB, you will require. This becomes your quota. Minimum order is $1 (10 GB).

You pay for the amount of space we reserve for you (your quota), regardless of space actually consumed. You can change your quota at any time.

All prices are monthly recurring charges and in US dollars.